Liber is a politically impartial human rights charity. The purpose of Liber is to provide good, free legal counsel to all people in all regions of the world, ensuring that the law is upheld in all cases, reducing unlawful arrest and imprisonment, promoting fair treatment of detainees, supporting the abolition of torture and unlawful execution and maintaining the right to a fair trial. Thus helping to strengthen voices against oppressive regimes.
Liber also works with legal teams, intelligence organisations and security companies to trace prisoners and negotiate their successful release.

If you, or someone you know, has been unlawfully detained or mistreated, you can contact Liber 24 hours a day on our emergency phone line:

+44 (0) 7765 494 919 or by emailing


  • Support Teams

    We are keen to talk to lawyers and security/intelligence organisations who can offer pro bono support. And also large media, communications, or logistics companies who can help us communicate our services to those who most urgently need our help.

    If you are a representative of a commercial or charitable organisation, or a government department responsible for human rights policy/monitoring and you are interested in Liber’s work, please contact:

    Beth Morgan at beth@liber.org.uk or on +44 (0) 7765 494 919

  • Pakistan - Forced Marriage

    Liber is working with leading Pakistan law firms and charitable foundations on forced marriage, abduction and trafficking cases.

  • Western Sahara - Continued Conflict

    Sahrawi refugees still in stalemate with Morocco over land rights in Western Sahara.

Breaking Boundaries

Liber relentlessly challenges unlawful acts on civilians anywhere in the world

Contact: Email: info@liber.org.uk Tel: 0845 475 4570
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